Area High School Choirs Win Big Competitions

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You've all heard of the hit show "America's Got Talent," but you may not be aware that Parkersburg's got talent too.

The choirs at Parkersburg High and Parkersburg South High Schools have recently returned from some pretty big competitions.

"Even when I'm being very serious or acting very upset on something, they will always make you laugh, which is the important thing, because after-all we're here to have some fun on top of working hard," Melissa Life, choir teacher at Parkersburg South High School, said about her students.

Life's students just returned from the music in the parks competition in Cincinnati, where they won first place in four divisions.

"There's a bunch of stuff that we can put into the music; our emotions and our feelings, and that's what really pulls it all together," Cassie Cline, a student at PSHS, said.

"We're really excited that both choirs are well represented for this area," Life said.

By both she means PSHS's choir, and Parkersburg High's choir.

Some PHS choir students just returned from New York City where they received superior gold ratings in four divisions.

"I'm extremely proud of this group," Pam McClain, PHS choir teacher, said.

But McClain says there's more to it than winning.

"It was a part of learning and understanding how to better improve your skills, and at the same time, showing that all of that hard work can pay off in a national setting," McClain said.

Winning such a big competitions is a once in a lifetime experience for some of these students, but the memories they made will last a lifetime.

"We might just be this small choir in West Virginia, but to win a national competition in New York City is pretty amazing. It shows that we really work hard for what we do, and it was a really nice payoff for all the hard work we put into everything," Willow Wright, a PHS student, said.

Proving that a little hard work can go a long way.

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