Debate on Drugs

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County sheriff Bob Schlicher believes the answer is a drug task force, not unlike one in existence serving Wood County.

“I really think we need to put together a combined effort, to allocate the resources that are needed,” says Bob Schlicher.

Marietta's police chief isn't completely against the idea, but says the way it's proposed now, it would stretch already tight financial and manpower resources.

The proposal also calls for Belpre to be included in a drug task force. But Belpre's opinion of such a task force isn't much different than Marietta's.

“I think a drug task force would be effective. Is Washington County ready for a task force at this point? The three departments got together, and picked out people we knew were using or selling drugs. Through the sharing of information, and the three departments working together, we were able to make major busts within the county,” Ira says.

Following sheriff Schlicher's presentation Thursday night to Marietta City Council, one council member hopes to discuss the money matter at a committee meeting next month.