Camden-Clark Conducts Major Disaster Drill

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It was a busy morning Tuesday for emergency responders in Parkersburg, as they completed a "major disaster" drill at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital.

Parkersburg Police and Fire Departments as well as EMS, the Health Department and medical staffs were all involved in the drill.

It included two scenarios: an explosion in Camden-Clark's boiler room, with an Amber Alert happening at the same time.

"In a real-life situation that is what will occur. We will need the involvement of the community, so that we can all work together and make sure we all have the resources we need to take care of any victims or potential victims of an emergency situation," Jean Francis with CCMH's Emergency Department said.

Nursing students with the Wood County School of Practical Nursing played the roles of the patients in the drill.

Officials with CCMH say they conduct this drill twice a year.

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