Showing Them the Money

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Four Wood County organizations today received a total of $157,000 in West Virginia grants.

Gov. Bob Wise's aide, Keith Burdette presented checks for the North Bend Trail Spur at Mountwood Park, and the Wood County Veterans Park.

“It's going to get the park trail finished, where it hasn't been finished for years, and keep the buildings and maintenance repair down,” says Charles Cross.

Money also went for an expansion at the Vienna Public Library and renovations for the Ohio Valley Rowing Club.

Alice Thomas, director, Vienna Public Library: We're planning to start construction next spring, so this will help us to get going on the project,” says Alice Thomas

Les Pritchard, President, Ohio Valley Rowing Club, says, “We have 150 kids and two restrooms, so we've needed to expand, and this is going to allow us to do it.

The funding came from the state's discretionary funds. During the wise administration, that money has had to be used for a variety of disasters, including flooding and other weather emergencies.