Making a Difference in the MOV: Part 3

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Officials at a local shelter thought they'd never see the funding they needed to finish a certain project, but now because of the help from volunteers, they not only raised the money needed, but also received a ton of help in making it happen.

"I think this is a really great thing. I think Eve does an awesome service for the community," David Mullins, a student at Washington State Community College, said.

But officials at Eve, a temporary shelter for victims of physical and mental abuse, are more impressed by the service college student David Mullins is doing for them.

"He's been out here every day. We hear him out here working away," Annelle Edwards, co-executive director for Eve, said.

"I've always been doing something like this and it just kind of comes naturally I guess," Mullins said.

Mullins is enrolled in a leadership class at WSCC, where a little community service is mandatory.

"I was only required ten hours. I've been here a little more than that, but that's all part of it," he said.

Ten hours turned into about forty, and here's why: Eve planned to replace a dilapidated shelter to provide some outdoor shade for its residents. However, some funding was cut. So, the leadership class and some other organizations pitched in, but they still needed someone to build it.

"I had the time, and I had the tools and I was able to do it so why not?" he said.

It's something the class professor Mary Ann Abbott is proud to see.

"It's especially important to me because we've had students before who have been residents of Eve, and I know how difficult it is for them to get back on their feet after they've lost their homes, and their husbands and their families, and it means the world to me that our students are willing to help other students,"

As for Edwards, she couldn't be more grateful.

"Thanks so much for doing this," she told Mullins

"It's really amazing that the little things make a huge difference. What we now have over our resident area is much better than this," Edwards said about the old shelter.

"We'll be done and they can come out and enjoy it," Mullins said.

Enjoying a new shelter, and appreciating all the extra work that made it possible.

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