Mock Prom Accident at Marietta High

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It's prom season, and while students are excited about their dresses, tuxedos and dates; authorities and school administrators have safety on their minds.

The sound of sirens is one nobody likes to hear on prom night, but for a mock accident Wednesday at Marietta High School, they might just be alarming enough to keep prom night quiet.

"We're trying to show multiple decisions that were poor," Gwynette Hammond with the Devola Fire Dept. said.

Decisions like drag racing and drinking and driving.

Even though the students and authorities are only acting, it's still tough for the other students to watch.

"It hit hard," Alice Ferguson, a student, said.

"My girlfriend was actually the one on the hood of the car, so just seeing something like that was pretty hard to see," Phil Zagunis, a student, said.

But officials say observing such a tragic scene is sometimes what it takes to prevent one.

"Sometimes dramatic is what gets their attention," Hammond said.

Blair Gunovich played the role of a drunk driver who was drag racing and t-boned another car. He hopes his act will keep others from making those decisions in the real world.

"I really don't want to wake up Sunday morning to find out that a close friend or family member has been injured or even dead by an accident like this, so I think it's really important that for the protection of all of our friends and family to keep on doing demonstrations like this," Gunovich said.

A demonstration to show students how one bad decision can impact so many lives.

Marietta High School conducts the mock prom accident every two years, so that each class has two opportunities to see it.

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