Everyone Knows it's Windy

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Anthony Gaskins: It's been in the family for 40 years. My mother grew up here; I grew up here,” said Anthony Gaskins.

Fortunately for Anthony, neither he or his mother were home when this tall tree, toppled by winds with gusts of more than 40 miles an hour, crashed through the side of this home.

“We've worried about the big trees being here, but we never expected it to come down and damage the house as much as it did,” Anthony adds.

Elsewhere, most of the damage was spotty at best. However, 1,500 Allegheny Power customers were in the dark, even after the sun came up.

“There were some trees in the road when I came to work. We had some trouble with a tree on the lines behind our house. The tree did catch on fire, brought the line down, and the transformer blew,” said Mary Beth Allen.

Waverly Elementary School had classes as usual, although the power outages made some youngsters late, and in Tyler County, "R" Resources tells us 120 of its customers are without natural gas service in the Middlebourne area.

Company spokesman Dave Drennan says it will be Friday night before the service is completely restored.