The Needs of One

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Natosha Talbott is your typical little girl who loves playing games and watching her favorite cartoons. It was only when she started showing symptoms of an illness that her parents discovered a life-altering difference.

They did blood tests, thinking that maybe she had diabetes. And in the blood tests, it showed she was going into renal kidney failure.

No loving parent wishes to watch their child suffer, but unfortunately due to a birth defect, Natosha's parents have no choice. And now more than ever, they're searching for an answer or a miracle.

“Her urethra tubes are blocked and they were blocked from the time she was born. To relieve her kidneys, they had to put tubes in her back to relieve the pressure and to relieve the urine from her kidneys to make them shrink down to size. Her kidneys were the size of an adult’s.”

With two other daughters to care for, and bills that will soon begin flowing in, the pressure is mounting. It is now that she turns to her faith in God to protect and care for her family.

“I believe He is going to answer our, my prayers. He's already answered a lot of them. Taking care of her and He's going to pull her through the rest of the times and help me out with what ever I need help with.”

If you would like to help Natosha and her family, you can mail your contributions to the Natosha N. Talbott Fund at the new BB&T at 8th and Avery Street, in care of:

Sheila Davis
P.O. Box 1748
Parkersburg, WV 26102