Habitat for Humanity Dedicates House

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The Wood County Habitat for Humanity dedicated its 46th house Sunday afternoon, and the future owner couldn't be more excited.

George Sims is the proud owner of the brand new Parkersburg home.

Sims showed us what he calls "the famous pink room," which of course will soon belong to his six-year-old daughter Savannah.

"She got to make her own mark in her closet, and every time she comes here, she runs straight to her closet to make sure it's still there," he said about a smiley face she painted in her closet.

Habitat for Humanity along with friends and family are now welcoming him to his new home.

"There's gonna be a pretty good crowd here today," Sims said.

George and his daughter have opened the door to their new house to the community. After-all it's that community support that made the whole thing possible.

Volunteers put a lot of time and effort into the walls, and Sims did everything he could to help out.

"George is unable to do a lot of the work here, and so we've been able to use him at the office, and he does come out and greet folks and he's here often," Alvin Phillips, executive director with the Wood County Habitat for Humanity, said.

With the move-in date just about a month away, Sims and his daughter will soon be there even more often.

"It was something I didn't think would happen, but it did and now it's getting to where it's real," Sims said.

And the reality of owning a home is a dream come true for the Sims family.

The Wood County Habitat for Humanity already has the foundation set for the next house. It's expected to be finished by July or August.

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