Police Stop Man from Jumping Off Bridge

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Police have responded to two incidents in the past week where someone has threatened to jump off the Williamstown Bridge.

Fortunately, police were able to stop both potentially tragic situations from occurring.

"The gentleman was on the bridge, and he was having some suicidal thoughts," Officer Robert Ellenwood with the Marietta Police Dept. said.

Officer Ellenwood can now rest easy back at the office knowing that another person is safe; something he says was a group effort.

"I told the other officers, I said if we get close enough I'm gonna grab him. Once I grab him, you guys grab a hold of him because I don't think I can hold him by myself," he said.

That's when the teamwork really kicked in.

"We just worked together and pulled him over. If it wasn't for everybody we couldn't have got him," Ellenwood said.

Just last Wednesday police responded to to the same type of personal trauma when another person threatened to jump off the bridge, but police also say each situation is different.

"There's no book that tells you exactly how you're supposed to do this. You just kind of go on a case by case scenario and hope for the best," Ellenwood said.

Officer Ellenwood says this incident was a little too close for comfort, and hopes in the future these types of situations can be prevented.

"Unfortunately, we're in a hard economic time where everybody's having problems, and it's a lot of load to take on. I hope people realize there is help out there. We can help, but they need to let us know what's going on in order for that to happen," Ellenwood said.

Offering their assistance no matter how much someone needs a helping hand.

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