Officials Pleased with Voters' Choices

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The final unofficial results are in for the Primary and Special Elections in Washington County.

Many of the precincts didn't even have an election, and the ones that did, didn't have a lot to vote on.

However, some of the issues that did make it on the ballot were some pretty important ones.

"There's a lot of steps we have to go through from here, but this was a big one," Jon Grimm, a Marietta City Council Member, said.

Grimm is relieved knowing that city funds can now be spent renovating the former Ohio Bureau of Employment Services building into the future Municipal Court.

"We worked really hard to come to this solution. All the parties worked together and I think we have a good solution, and I'm grateful to the voters for confirming it," Grimm said.

Confirming to repeal an ordinance passed two years ago that said city funds could not be used for this purpose, and Marietta officials weren't the only ones celebrating voters' choices.

"I've never been prouder to be a member of our community," Thomas Gibbs, Warren Local School District Superintendent, said.

Gibbs, was pleased to see more than 65 percent of voters choose to renew a levy that supports the school system.

"I'm almost in shock. I just feel a bit of affirmation that folks in the community realize that we've had to make some difficult decisions in recent history, and the board stood up to make those decisions, and I think the community's shown that they support the fact that the board's doing a good job," Gibbs said.

Election officials say the overall turnout was pretty light, except for in the Warren Local School District, where they actually had to deliver more ballots before polls closed.

As for the new Marietta Municipal Court building, Gibbs says the plan is to have the court moved into the building by 2010.

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