Fenton Art Glass Back in Full Production

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Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown will soon be back in full production after some of the departments were temporarily closed.

Company President George Fenton says the decorating team is back to work this week after being shut down for two weeks.

The glass making and tours departments will be back open starting Monday, after being closed for four weeks.

Fenton says he expects the company to have its ups and downs throughout the rest of the year, and in order to balance production and inventory, more production cessations are possible.

"We expect that people will continue to be very cautious in their spending and that the retailers will be cautious in their spending. We do make a product that is discretionary. It's not the same as needing food. You can postpone buying a pretty piece of glass until times get better. We expect that times will get better and that we'll be here to enjoy those," Fenton said.

Fenton says he's pleased to have everyone back, and that there are some big orders to work on, including one for the QVC July show.

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