Concern About Water Levels

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With creeks and rivers already high, and more rain on the way, some local residents are concerned about the damage it might cause.

"I check my computer every morning to see what the forecast is," Lynda Rhodes said.

Rhodes has lived by the Little Kanawha River for more than 35 years. Fortunately, the water has never made it inside her house, but has been extremely close, causing other destruction on the way.

"We have had to take our garden out before. We've already planted our garden this year and we're hoping that we don't lose anything there, but if we do we'll replant it," Rhodes said.

But she says it would still be a shame for all that hard work to go to waste.

"It's kind of depressing actually, especially when you have some things already up, like my spinach is already up," Rhodes said.

The high water has the Rhodes family concerned about some damage, but if their house was just 20 yards further up the road, they wouldn't even be able to get to it.

"I,ve got three houses down there, but the boxes are up here," Charles Nutter who delivers mail said about the road block by the Rhodes' home.

Even though that road block didn't stand in his way, he expects other places to be a different story.

"Probably the lower end of Happy Valley I'd imagine, because it was pretty close to the road today," Nutter said.

Nutter says in those situations, he simply keeps the mail until the road is clear, but Rhodes has a solution of her own.

"I'm just hoping that the forecast is wrong, and that some sunshine will get in there somewhere," she said.

Keeping her hopes up, that the water will go down.

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