Parkersburg Neighborhood Growing Community Garden

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Anyone who grows a garden will tell you there's nothing like fresh produce. However, not everyone has the space or the money to get one started.

The Master Gardeners' Program with the WVU Extension Service is providing a Parkersburg neighborhood with the opportunity to grow their own food.

"It's giving me an opportunity to take up some idol time," Greg Stephens, who is using the garden, said.

Taking the time to plant his own vegetables will make summer meals at the Stephen's house that much better.

"It really is a blessing to have fresh produce right at your beckon," Stephens said.

The garden's ten rows will help feed ten families in the community.

"There's enough room here for a family to have an adequate supply of fresh vegetables to their table throughout the summer," Todd Belcher, with the WVU Extension Service, said.

Giving neighbors like Stephens an opportunity they can really dig.

"It's a very commendable action that they're taking with community need and response," he said.

And Stephen's response is a grateful one.

"I hope this neighborhood doesn't forget this generosity for some time."

The generosity that got Stephens back to doing what he loves, all while feeding his family at the same time.

The garden is located behind Jefferson Elementary, and there are still three rows left.

So, anyone living in that area that's interested should contact the WVU Extension Office.

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