Hospital Partnership

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The team involves Camden-Clark, West Virginia University Hospitals, and the four-year-old mid-Ohio Valley Health Alliance.

With a deadline by the West Virginia Health Care Review Authority looming, the three groups have prepared a certificate of need application for open-heart surgery and therapeutic angioplasty services.

"It means the ability for us to take our WVU heart institute and expand the scope of services," says Bruce McClymonds, president of WVU hospitals, "As well as expand its reach, and expand our ability as a hospital and a school of medicine to deliver specialty services in West Virginia."

Like most West Virginia hospitals, Camden-Clark, and nearby St. Joseph's Hospital sees its share of heart patients. Camden-Clark vascular surgeon Dan McGraw says they have to go out of the area for heart surgery.

"You hate to see people go out of town to have their heart surgery done," McGraw says. " We'd like to take care of that here, and have their heart surgery and aneurism surgery. It would be more convenient for the patients."

Back in April, St. Joseph's Hospital partnered with Charleston Area Medical Center to seek an open-heart program. Interestingly, on Tuesday, the hospital announced it performed its 7,000th heart catheterization since 1988.

"I think the people of this community and my own family, two of my family have had open heart surgery, understand the impatience of having that in our own community," says Mayor Jimmy Colombo. "Whichever hospital can get this, it can provide a great service."

St. Joseph's Hospital says it will submit its certificate of need application Thursday to the state health board.