Bizarre Twist in Animal Cruelty Case

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Authorities are searching for a man they say threw eight dogs out of a moving vehicle, killing all eight of them.

It happened Friday on I-77 near the Rockport exit.

Humane Officer Steven Whitehair says the man got into a dispute with his girlfriend about the dogs, and then threw them onto the road, one by one.

Officer Whitehair says they can't file charges against the suspect yet because they can't find him, and that's where the story takes an unexpected twist.

"There was an unmarked vehicle there that stated he was a state trooper. We've been unable to locate that state trooper," Officer Whitehair said.

Officials with the State Police say no troopers were even near the scene at the time of the incident.

Officer Whitehair says there are eight pending animal cruelty charges against the man accused of killing the dogs.

The case is being investigated by the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

They ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident to please call the sheriff's department at 304-4241834.

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