Fox Parkersburg Idol Super-Fan Winner Ready for Hollywood

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For all you American Idol fans, this season's finale is less than a week away.

Two lucky ladies from Parkersburg are getting ready to make the trip to Hollywood to catch the show.

Katie Somerville is the winner of our Fox Parkersburg American Idol Super-Fan contest, and will be heading to LA next week for the finale.

Katie will be taking her older sister Ashley with her, and Katie says they're both rooting for Adam Lambert.

However, she says she's looking the most forward to seeing Idol Judge, Simon Cowell.

"I'm probably the only one that actually really likes him. He's just so honest. I agree with everything he says. I mean he's a little mean at times, but he tells it like it is," Somerville said.

You can catch the two-part American Idol Finale on our Fox Parkersburg station next Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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