American Idol Contest Winners Taking on LA

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The season finale of American Idol kicks off Tuesday night at 8:00, but two lucky ladies from Parkersburg are already in Los Angeles, ready to catch a live glimpse of the winner.

Super-Fan contest winner Katie Somerville and her sister Ashley are ready to conquer the streets of LA, and they're living it up Hollywood style.

"I've got my American Idol shirt, and I just can't wait for Wednesday. I'm so excited," Katie said.

Excited for the big finale, as well as an entire list of other LA activities.

"We wanna see the Hollywood sign, and the walk with the stars on it, and I wanna see Rodeo Drive because you see it in all the movies, Katie said.

The trip just started, but it's safe to say the first impression is a good one.

"It's pretty unbelievable," Ashley said.

Katie and Ashley agree this is one of the most exciting trips they've been on, but like most sisters, they don't agree on everything.

Katie's pick is Adam Lambert, while Ashley is rooting for Kris Allen, but now matter who the winner is, they've already won their prize and can now sit back and enjoy the show.

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