Father-Son Scam?

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A lot of phone messages have been left at the home of William Hyer and his son Jeremy near Richmond, Virginia. Most of those messages have been left by people whose garages are unfinished:

Phone Message: "I want no trouble, I want no problems. All I want is my garage completed."

Residents say the Hyers offered to build or re-build their garages, then left with the job un-finished.

Debbie Lann told Richmond, Virginia TV station WWBT she lost $10,000.

"He would get to the first point and then you had to pay him. And then he would get to the second point, and when he got to that point and got that point we never saw Mr. Hyer, he never came back. He wouldn't return any phone calls," explains Lann.

Belpre's police chief says that, as recently as this summer, the two men lived in the Belpre area. It's believed they might be back in the area, because they have family here.

"The son lived in the Ridgewood Heights area (off route 339 near Belpre). He lost his house, then moved back in with the father. They have both left the area, as far as we know," says Belpre Police Chief Ira Walker.

The Wood County Sheriff's Department says it has been notified about the Hyers, but Parkersburg's Police Department told us it wasn't aware of them.

They seem to be doing a fairly good job of laying low but with the help of the community there's nowhere they can hide," says Sgt. David Chewning.

Police say the men have created two phony companies: Garages Unlimited and Frank Lea's Garages Unlimited.

Police here have teamed up with other departments in West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina and ask anyone with information to call: 1-800-552-9965.