Scam Hits Home

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Becky Rowland and her husband, Dan, thought the Hyers were reputable builders. In fact, William Hyer and son Jeremy had done two other projects for them, with no problems. But the garage project they started in 1997, was a different story.

The garage project finally was completed at the end of 1998, but at a greater cost than the Rowlands anticipated. They were quoted a construction price of $19,000, but it ended up costing them close to $22,000 to finish the job.

"He never did finish the job. He would start other jobs and try to get the money to come back and do a little bit more. But most places wouldn't advance him the money because he owed them too much money," says Rowland.

The Rowlands say they knew the Hyers, but this is similar to other scams we've reported on in the past, where someone approaches an unsuspecting homeowner is approached unsolicited.

"Generally, contractors who do this kind of work don't come door to door. But it pays to take time and check out what they say they do," explains Belpre Police Chief Ira Walker.

Belpre Police say they've received calls about the duo since our story aired Monday night.

Some of those calls have told of possible sightings of the Hyers.

If you've recently seen either of the two individuals, you're asked to call your local police department.