Veterans Reflect on Past and Look Forward

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Memorial Day means a lot to anyone who has lost someone they care about, and that is especially true for veterans.

Calvin Thomas has stories on top of stories of serving in World War II and the Korean War. To many, he's a hero, but Thomas disagrees.

"The heroes are not here. I'm lucky. I've been through two wars; seen a lot," he said.

Memorial Day brings back a flood of memories for veterans, and to make sure no fallen heroes are forgotten, it's also a time to educate the youth about the sacrifices made.

Korean War veteran George Wulferd is passing his military knowledge down to his great-grandson Kaleb Bennett.

"They ask all these questions. We kind of make them honor the veterans, honor the flag, honor the country," Wulferd said.

Honoring the past, but also keeping in mind the current troops overseas.

"I admire all them young people. I wish them the best of luck, because I've been there and I know what's it's all about," Thomas said.

Sending them his best as they travel the road he knows all too well.

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