Increase in Child Restraint Citations

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It's something that only takes a few minutes, but could save a child's life in a car accident, but West Virginia State Troopers are concerned that children aren't being properly secured in moving vehicles.

State Police tell us, over the holiday weekend, they saw a significant increase in children who were not properly buckled into safety seats.

Police say they issued 28 child restraint citations and 14 warnings.

"We would like to see that people are properly securing their children, whether is be the parent/guardian, or whoever at the time, brother or sister, who's transporting them. Make sure they're seat-belted in. You should be wearing your seat-belt as an adult anyways," Sgt. G.L. Brown said.

Sergeant Brown also says any child under 40 pounds or the age of four must be secured in an approved child safety seat.

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