Sept. 11 Remembered

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There was a ceremony like this in nearly every local community one year ago. The biggest of the second anniversary of the attacks on America was this observance sponsored by American Legion Post 15.

"We vowed we would not forget. But have we? I fear September 11th is fading in our memories now. A single paragraph in a newspaper, or an occasional reference on television," explains Paul Logsdon, Legion Commissioner.

One who has not forgotten is the father of Mary Lou Hague. The Parkersburg native was lost in the collapse of the south tower of the world trade center, where she worked for a financial firm.

There are two reasons the Mid-Ohio Valley won't soon forget Sept. 11. One is Mary Lou Hague. The other is Jessica Lynch.

It was 9-11 which led to the war with Iraq, where Lynch was taken prisoner, and later released.

"We pray for her every day. I know (Jessica)'s going to do well, I feel she's going to do well," shares Jessica's cousin Ruth Rexroad.

Sept. 11 still touches us.

Thursday morning the Wood County Commission approved a resolution commemorating the attacks, and declaring Thursday Patriot Day in the county.