Popular Prescription Program Heads to the Mountain State

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Wal-Mart adds West Virginia to the list of states taking part in the discounter's four-dollar prescription drug program.

The program will be available at Wal-Mart's 36 pharmacies in the state. The program is only available to people who pick up their prescriptions at one of the more than three thousand participating Wal-Mart stores in 38 states.

The Arkansas-based retailer began the program in Florida earlier this fall, and recently expanded it to include Ohio.

The Wal-Mart program is designed to benefit everyone, but a local counselor believes it could particularly help some elderly residents.

The program involves generic medicines and is an increased discount to prescriptions which already cost between 30 and 60 percent less than brand name products.

That could help seniors who currently are not in a prescription drug plan.

"The people who aren't on Medicare and who do not have insurance. If they're taking any of these medications, I'm sure it's going to make a difference for them. It should help them a lot," Senior Health Insurance Counselor Betsy Quimby says.

Not all of the better-known prescription drugs have generic equivalents.