Worthington Elementary Graduation Remembers a Classmate

Thirty-four fifth graders walked for Worthington Elementary School's graduation ceremony Tuesday night, despite the storms.

But many people were thinking of another classmate who wasn't walking...Patrick Kincaid.

Patrick died as a result of complications from heart surgery earlier this Spring.

Guest speaker, Mike Oliverio Senior (the principals' accomplished father) addressed those present and reminded them of when he came down for Patrick's remembrance.

Four classmates read from their prepared memories of Worthington, and one specifically mentioned Patrick:

"Patrick Kincaid was at Worthington since first grade. He was a very sweet kid and always had a smile on his face. He had a positive attitude and was never negative," stated Lauren Rinehart. " He was funny, kind, nice and a caring friend."

But while the fifth graders walked up to receive their certificates, Patrick's father rose to accept his son's posthumously.

The evening ended on a positive note of celebration as teachers were able to restore the presentation of video memories for the assembled families and graduates.

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