General Differences

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While she didn't want to discuss her reception Monday by Wood County's commission, a general ambulance spokeswoman was more than happy to talk about the company's plans for Washington County.

The Oak Hill-based company made the news earlier this summer, when it formed a partnership with Saint Joseph's Hospital's ambulance service. The deal was later called off, but general has visited both Wood and Washington County's commissions in the past two days, in an effort to make its presence known in the area. It's reception in Parkersburg had commissioners arguing it's advertised toll-free number is being touted as an alternative to calling the local 911 service.

While General is seen in Wood County as affecting local ambulance service, in Washington County, it's a different story. It's looked upon as being a worthy addition to existing ambulance personnel.

A company spokesman says the service is advertising its services in non-life-threatening situations, and that general isn't trying to discourage anyone from calling 911.