State of Emergency

Bob Wise
Bob Wise

Gov. Wise has declared a state of emergency for all of West Virginia, effective Thursday.

Wise says his decision is a precautionary measure that will allow the state to get the tools needed to respond to possible remnants of Hurricane Isabel.

He ordered Division of Highways crews and special liaison teams from the state National Guard to areas most in danger. The Red Cross, meanwhile, plans to set up shelters in 28 counties.

Isabel is now classified as a strong Category Two storm with sustained winds near 110 miles per hour at midday.

And her projected path cuts straight through the Eastern Panhandle. Morgan County Emergency Services Director Dave Michael says he's nervous.

He's been warned to expect anywhere from four to 12 inches of rain, starting after sunset Thursday.

Eastern Panhandle counties have been warned to stock their emergency kits, store water and prepare for power outages.

Hurricane Isabel

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