46th Annual Holly Trail

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Several home owners got into the holiday spirit Sunday as they transformed their homes into a Christmas wonderland.

It's all part of the 46th annual Holly Trail put on by the Parkersburg Woman's Club.

"Every year, we try to do something different. This year we have a great variety of homes from the classical to traditional to the old fashion," says Holly Trail Chair, Judy Parrish.

People braved out the snow to check out five Wood County homes and a church.

They enjoyed seeing the interior and exterior style of the homes along with numerous tree ornaments and eye opening decorations.

"The Holly Trail is a wonderful opportunity for the citizens of Parkersburg, Vienna, Wood County to come and see some absolutely, positively beautiful homes and decorations," added Barbara Joyce.

"I think it's really exceptional. There are some different homes. We just came from the McDonough house which is very stunning but I also like the one down on Murdoch," replied Cheryl Robinson.

For home owners like Dustin Hughes, it's a thrill to open his doors and show the community his home during the holidays.

"I'm really fortunate to that I'm able to participate with the woman's club in doing the event and being able to help them reach their goals in what they can do the for the Parkersburg community is like fantastic, it makes me feel good," Hughes said.

As the tour wrapped-up, everyone seemed to be picking their favorites.

"The Riccobene home. This home is gorgeous, it is steeped in history and is a wonderful example for this area," says Joyce.

"The one on Murdoch, it is old, it had some nice renovations to it but it still has the Victorian and the old atmosphere," added Robinson.

Appreciating those kind words, Hughes says he'll open his home for future tours.

"Absolutely, I would definitely do it again, probably not next year, I need to take a little bit of a break from it," replied Hughes.

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