Educators Start Summer on a High Note

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The school year is officially over, and while students are making summer plans to have fun in the sun, teachers are also gearing up for the long break.

A group of educators in Marietta formed a band called "The Faculty" five years ago, and plan to spend the summer practicing and performing.

"Each year we have a talent show at Marietta High school, and we decided "hey, wouldn't it be neat if some of the teachers got together and played a couple of songs," Mike Elliot, the principal at Marietta High and the band's drummer, said.

The school year is always hectic for "The Faculty." so, just like their students, summer's the time to unwind.

"It's much more relaxed. Everybody seems to converge on the house at the same time, rather than 'I'm coming from this meeting,' or 'I'm coming from that meeting,'" Bob Franklin, a high school teacher and the band's singer/guitar player said.

This second job goes beyond just having fun playing music. It's also one of the many ways to help students.

"When kids get a chance to perform, they often seek out some of the members here for assistance, backup and so forth," Elliot said.

As for the extra income...

"It pays for guitar strings and a little bit of gas to get to the gigs," Franklin said.

"Our colleagues come and listen to us play and perform, and really get into us as a band. I think that's really the overall payment, even more so than the final dollar amount," Jona Hall, an elementary teacher and the band's singer, said.

The Faculty already has a busy schedule playing at many places and events this summer.

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