Isabel's Local Impact

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Wednesday was a busy day for the wood county airport's fueling operations. Military aircraft that couldn't fuel on the coast were diverted to the airport, and that even included presidential aircraft.

"We had a Black Hawk, a Nighthawk helicopter, and two Chinooks. They headed on to Wright-Patterson air base in Dayton," says Carolyn Strock.

While the airport probably made some money from fuel sales, that's offset by the drop-off in commercial air travel. The airport handles business travel, mainly to Pittsburgh, but the threat of Isabel curtailed some of that traffic, resulting in the cancellations of some flights.

That was minor compared to the thousands of flights that had to be cancelled along the mid-Atlantic and Carolina coasts.

"About 600 of them are around the North Carolina, Virginia, Baltimore and D.C. areas. The rest are connecting flights from other areas," says Joyce Stephens.

But even if Isabel dies out in the next 24 hours, Stephens believes it may be well into the weekend before air travel schedules return to normal.