Auto Industry Driving in the Right Direction

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There's no question the past few months have been tough for the American Auto Industry, but those who trust in the industry may be the ones to keep it going.

Carl Allaway just bought a truck from C & C Dodge Toyota in Marietta, and he decided to go all-American and stick to the Dodge side.

"I believe in America. I think we'll bounce back. It'll take care of itself. It won't be easy and it's not gonna happen over night, but we'll bounce back," Allaway said.

That's something dealership owners are ready for.

"Everybody that owns a dealership has been concerned. And plus you worry about your employees and it's just a lot to consider," Sheryl Cobb, co-owner of C & C, said.

Even though the American Auto Industry is in a tough financial crisis, some buyers say that won't keep them away from its dealerships.

"I'm sure these people will stand behind this warranty. There's not a doubt in my mind," Allaway said.

It's that kind of trust that could send business booming again.

"We are really busy today. Things have really picked up," Cobb said. "It's definitely doing a turn-around. We started noticing in like May."

Customers like Alloway may still not be ready to spend top dollar, but they are helping drive the auto industry in the right direction.

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