Recent Rainfall's Impact on Farmers

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It seems like all we've seen and heard about recently is rain, and it's starting to have an impact on some local farmers.

"We lived by a creek and it would raise up, and they'd have to watch their gardens and everything," Patricia Burdine, a Witten Farm Produce Stand Customer, said.

Burdine remembers what it was like trying to grow a garden without the cooperation of weather, but now she leaves those worries to some local farmers.

"They have good produce here. Very good," she said about the Witten Farm produce stand.

Those who grow the goods are always conscious of the weather.

"I know some other farmers who weren't so lucky, who got some pretty big hail," Tom Witten said.

Witten says the recent storms and heavy rainfall haven't had a huge impact on his farm, but when it comes to Witten's famous strawberries, the effect hasn't exactly been positive.

"They're ripening rather quickly with all the moisture and the high humidity. They don't have the shelf-life we'd like to see, and it'll probably cut the season short by seven to ten days," Witten said.

That's something customers like Burdine don't want to hear.

"Nothing like homegrown strawberries," she said. "The ones you get in the store are not near as good as these."

But to keep that local produce growing strong, it's going to need a little help from Mother Nature.

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