Education on the River

Ohio River in Jackson County, West Virginia
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Dozens of paddle wheelers make their way to Marietta each year for the Sternwheel Festival. However, one with a special purpose came by Thursday.

The "Chattanooga Star" visited as part of Ohio's bi-centennial celebration. It travels the Ohio, Mississippi and smaller rivers, usually teaching youngsters about the river's benefits.

The ship's captain says people don't realize how important the Ohio is for commerce.

"Barge transportation is very important to us. Also, taking care of our water is a resource that has to be managed in a sustainable manner. That's essentially the message, that is essentially an important part of our infrastructure," says Capt. Hesemann.

The boat will return to Marietta October 5, and will make several stops along the Ohio River, before heading to Cincinnati's "Tall Stacks" festival next month.