Bringing Self Defense Into High Schools

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Self defense is a skill that many agree all women need to know.

Now, the Marietta Police Department, along with the Warren Local School District is working to make sure young women learn these skills before they're on their own.

About 60 high school students took a self defense class this week.

And while it's something that could help them in their future, officials also say it's a life skill that should be acquired early.

"They often feel a false sense of security here I think. Because we're in a small area they think it won't happen to them, but it's just simple little things. It might be with a boyfriend that's being too aggressive," Kelly Venham, a Summer Physical Education Teacher with the school district, said.

Officials say the Warren Local School District is considering making Self Defense part of its regular curriculum.

Police are also encouraging other school districts to offer the class as well.

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