Keeping Faith in First Responders

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A community is still trying to understand the poor judgment of four people they trusted in a scandal involving sexual allegations.

27-year-old Crystle Phillips made allegations of misconduct against four authority figures in Marietta and Washington County.

Sergeant Robert Eddy with the Washington County Sheriff's Department has resigned, firefighter John Brooks and police officer Joseph Hilverding have been terminated, and Marietta Police Sergeant Edward Wright has been demoted to a police officer; all in connection with Phillips' allegations.

But authorities say they're being proactive, and this case shouldn't impact the public's view of local first responders.

"We're addressing these allegations head-on. We're not burying our heads in the sand, and we are taking an active roll in investigating the allegations and handling them in a timely and proper manner," Captain Jon Coppernoll with the Washington County Sheriff's Department said.

And some say it's those actions that keeps their trust up.

"Our police and fire departments as a whole, I still have faith in them," Asher Doak, a Marietta resident, said.

"That's what they're here for is to protect us, and I don't think that they should lose faith," Stephen Moneypenny, a Marietta resident, said.

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