Brighter Day Restaurant Closing

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The tough economy is catching up with a local restaurant to the point where it may soon be closing its doors for good.

Customers at Brighter Day Restaurant in Marietta are getting their last taste of a longtime establishment.

"I actually had to cut it back, we were coming so often," Carol Wharff, a customer, said.

Owner Don Murray works hard to keep the food coming and customers happy, but unfortunately Brighter Day has seen better days.

"We actually laid everybody off on Friday so they could go ahead and file for unemployment compensation, but as you can see a number of our staff volunteered to work this week to help us deplete our inventory," Murray said.

The restaurant has already stopped serving dinner, and lunch will be limited until supplies are gone, and with Monday's large lunch crowd, that may be sooner than later.

"It's been a great day so far; a lot of support from the community," Murray said.

"It's a shame. There's been a restaurant here for years and years and years," Christine Wark, a customer, said.

Brighter Day has been in the area for more than three decades, and many of its regulars aren't ready to see it go.

"Something needs to happen to keep it here because it is a popular place to eat," Wark said.

"My hope is that some knight in shining armor will come and help them out in some way," Wharff said.

Hoping that somehow more days of business can be added to the menu.

Murray says the Brighter Day Natural Food retail store, next door to the restaurant, will stay open indefinitely.

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