Three Times and He's Out

Drinking and Driving
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A man already convicted of two Pleasants County DUI offenses, one of them involving a fatality, now has pleaded to a third offense in Wood County.

Randall Alan Campbell pleaded guilty to two of seven counts against him. A third-offense DUI for an April 2002 accident at Rosemar Road and Emerson Avenue, and for an attack on a Parkersburg police officer after that accident. In court, Campbell explained the events, which led to the accident, in which two other people were injured.

Randall Campbell: I left Zach's Bar on the North End.
Judge Jeff Reed: How much did you have to drink?
RC: Probably a couple, three shots of liquor and 4 to 5 beers.
Judge: During what period of time?
RC: Probably an hour.
Judge: Then what happened?
RC: Really, your honor, I don't remember. I must have blacked, I ran a red light, I guess.

After the accident, in which police say Cambell also fled the scene, he was given an alcohol breath test. The minimum legal for intoxication in West Virginia is .10. Campbell's test after the accident registered nearly .33. Campbell's previous convictions for driving under the influence are in Pleasants County. One is for a 1984 accident where three young men died. For the third offense conviction, Campbell could receive up to four years in prison.

Campbell is scheduled to be sentenced December 22.