Check This Out!

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Deputies say that while the checks involved in this scam look real, the names of businesses and individuals on them have been forged.

Phony checks are being passed off at local businesses as payroll checks.

"Most of these are done by computer and look like a real payroll check," says Deputy James Carpenter. "They should ask for identification as much as possible, try to find out as much as possible about the individual passing the check."

Deputy Carpenter says the checks usually are written for large sums of money, in the hundreds of dollars.

“If it's a large check and being passed at a small market out in the county, and if they're not familiar with the person, try not to cash it if they can."

This is similar, but apparently unrelated to, a scam reported last week where checks with the name of St. Joseph's Hospital were passed around town.

Deputy Carpenter says the people passing these checks have even used the names of real individuals, whose identities they've obtained from stolen merchandise.

If you have any information leading to the arrest of those involved in this scam, you're asked to call the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

The number is (304) 424-1834.