Couple Assists in Boating Accident Rescue

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Family and friends are still recovering after a fatal boating accident that happened over the weekend.

As tragic as the incident was, it could have been much worse, but fortunately a couple that was boating close by was able to help out in the rescue.

Rick and Celeste Ridgway went out on their boat Saturday for what they thought would be a relaxing day on the river.

"We both decided as rough as the water was and as high as the waves were, we should head back," Celeste said.

But on their way back, they noticed something even more alarming.

"There were some folks on the ramp waving their arms frantically," Rick said.

That's when they saw several people in the river who had been on a boat that capsized. And it only took a split second for instinct to kick in.

"We were on automatic pilot. You do what you know how to do or what you think needs to be done," Rick said.

Celeste navigated the boat while Rick went in, and while they were able to assist in getting some back to land safely, Rick says by time he found 50-year-old David Midcap, it was too late, but he knew he had to try.

"He had already started CPR on Dave and didn't hesitate," Celeste said.

But after doing everything possible, there's still that one haunting question.

"I started to dwell on the situation of 'what if.' What if we could have got to someone sooner. It's very difficult to look at a situation like that and say that you did help someone," Rick said.

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