Father and Son Shooting

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The shooting happened after a party at a home on Riverview Road, off Murdoch and Emerson Avenues, shortly before 5 a.m. Friday.

The victim, Joshua Simpson of Vienna, was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital.

Parkersburg Police Chief Bob Newell said the incident followed an argument over a woman.

"One of the residents came out with a .22 caliber rifle," Newell says, "and at this point, the vehicle (in which Simpson was leaving the party) was apparently started toward him, and the gentlemen's father picked up the rifle and began shooting at him, and he hit one of the occupants."

Skip Ventosa, who lived at the home at 2524 Riverview Drive, is accused of firing the shot that injured Simpson, and is charged with wanton endangerment.

Ventosa's son, Brent, is charged with brandishing a firearm.

Both men were arraigned Friday morning in Wood County Magistrate Court.