Authorities Encourage Motorcycle Safety

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With the recent nice weather, authorities say they've seen an increase in motorcycle traffic, but with that, they're also seeing more motorcycle accidents.

Authorities say one of the most important things for motorcycle drivers to remember is to not out-drive their ability.

They say before even getting on the bike, be sure to check safety features like lights.

Also, be sure to wear any safety gear that could protect you in case of an accident.

"They don't have that safety around them, that safety cushion that you a lot of times are afforded in a car, because you have the airbags, you have the seat-belt, you've got that structure around you. With a motorcycle, as fun as they are to be on, you don't have that safety factor," Lieutenant Mary Pfeifer with the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

Lieutenant Pfeifer also says it's a good idea to enroll in a motorcycle enrichment course.

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