The Cost of Sex Scandals

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Two alleged sex scandals in Washington County have caught the public's attention, and now it's dipping into their wallets as well.

One case involves 27-year-old Crystle Phillips, who made allegations of misconduct against a Marietta Firefighter, two Marietta Police Officers and a Washington County Sheriff's Deputy.

The other case includes several allegations against a different deputy. In that case alone, the cost of the investigation, Lt. Mark Hiatt's administrative leave, and to hire an arbitrator could turn into a huge investment.

"Our goal is to make sure that justice is served, and by doing that we have to get all the facts out; and to do that I would anticipate spending around $100,000. That's all taxpayer money," Sheriff Larry Mincks said.

Tax-payers may not be thrilled about their hard-earned money being spent on these investigations, but they also understand the cost of justice.

"There's better things it could be used for, but there's money there for it," Charles Shilling, a Marietta resident, said.

"We have to have fire and police departments that have a good morale and a good work situation so that we can keep well qualified people in those offices," Glen Hale, a Marietta resident, said.

Officials say an arbitrator will need to be hired for two of the city employees and one of the sheriff's deputies.

In the case of those two city employees, they say the cost will be split between the city and the other party.

City officials say it's been so long since they've had to hire an arbitrator, they're really not even sure how much it will cost.

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