Arts and Crafts Festival

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This is one place where just looking can be a treat.

But a lot of people make money at the annual Arts and Crafts festival, at the Cedar Lakes complex just outside Ripley. They're selling items you just can't find at neighborhood stores.

There's also a lot of traditional music, from fiddles and dulcimers, to Bowed Psaltry, whose owners say anyone can learn.

Tish Westman and her husband, Greg, have been woodworkers for 12 years, and have been manufacturing the instruments for six year. Tish says it's like playing the piano with one finger.

"If you have any musical background, (learning to play takes) about five minutes," Tish says. "If you don't, about a week."

Since the festival takes place around the July fourth holiday, one of the challenges for festival-goers is beating the heat. Fortunately, there are ways they can do that.

One of them is visiting the exhibits in the festival's only enclosed building, including the engraved glass exhibit.

Harold Gilliam II is in his second year of organizing the exhibit for his Sacred Circle Studios.

"We're in the Craft House, and it's out of the way, so it's nice and cool,” Gilliam says. "We had a lot of people stop by, and they all settled down and enjoyed."

Gilliam admits business was slow Thursday morning when President Bush was in the area, but it picked up again when he left town.

If you haven't made it to the festival yet, you have one more day to take it in.

It winds up Saturday evening at the Cedar Lakes campground, about five miles south of Ripley.