Marking History

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Two markers were unveiled Monday afternoon at Belpre's Civitan Park. One celebrates the work of artists Sal-uh Barnsworth and Lily Martin Spencer. The other makes note of Belpre's location on the Ohio River and its importance in local transportation and commerce.

Nancy Sams, Chairperson, Belpre Historical Society, said, "We just have no idea how much tonnage and how much the river is used commercially. Plus, the plants around here settled because of the river. The recreational use of this river is phenomenal in this area."

Some may say it is long overdue, but some historical recognition is coming to the biggest name out of Marietta that many probably never heard.

And in Marietta, a new historical marker next to the Lafayette hotel is recognizing Commodore Abraham Whipple for his shipbuilding that put Marietta on the map.

It was unveiled in a ceremony Monday morning at the levee, along with David Paige, a descendent of Whipple.

This is now the 16th marker in Washington County.

Kelly Dyar, Pres., Marietta Convention & Visitors Bureau, said, "He's also a key person in the beginning of the U.S Navy, so we thought it was all very appropriate and tied together nicely to commemorated Marietta's significance to the river, and ship building and Commodore Whipple."