Road Rage Comes to Belpre

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Police in Belpre are still trying to find out exactly what caused an early Sunday evening incident, which is being investigated as "road rage."

A possible suspect was interviewed, but no arrests have been made.

The latest on this strange incident, is tonight's top story.

The victim in the confrontation, Scott Wall-Raven, was treated and released from Camden-Clark Memorial hospital.

He was struck by a Buick, at the intersection of Main Street and Washington Boulevard.

Police say just minutes later Wal-Raven and the suspect were involved in some kind of confrontation on the memorial toll bridge.

Jeff Morris, investigating officer, said, "The initial report we got is that the victim was behind the suspect when the initial road rage incident took place. Going off the toll bridge, the suspect got in front of the victim, and the suspect followed him down Main Street."

What might have prevented more injuries was that the incident happened at nightfall, when traffic is lighter than it is earlier in the day. Extended Web Coverage

Road Rage

  • Statistics show that 250,000 people have died in traffic since 1990.

  • It is believed that two-thirds of these deaths are at least partially caused by aggressive driving, although only 218 were found to be a direct cause of angry drivers.

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 66 percent of all annual traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving actions, such as passing on the right, running red lights and tailgating.

  • In addition to fatalities, there have been an estimated 20 million injuries.

  • Aggressive driving caused 12,610 injuries.

  • There has been a 51 percent increase in aggressive driving incidents since 1990.

  • Of these incidents, 37 percent involved the use of a firearm.

  • Twenty-eight percent involved other weapons.

  • Thirty-five percent involved the use of a car as a weapon.

  • Related to this increase in aggressive driving incidents may be the fact that the number of drivers on the road is increasing; as of 1990, 91 percent of people drove to work.

Source: (Sam Houston State University Web site) contributed to this report.