Documenting Patriot Grave Sites

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The Marietta Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is working to record information on patriots of the revolution who are buried in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

A group from the chapter met Wednesday morning at Mound Cemetery in Marietta to document the headstones of 37 Revolutionary War patriots.

Members say they'd like to locate other patriot grave sites in the area, and along with documenting them, the SAR also hopes to make any tombstone repairs, or even provide tombstones for grave sites that have no markers.

"We're trying to make the history a little bit more public, or make the public a little more aware of the history specifically of this area, and our nation," Seth White, a SAR member, said.

If you know the location of a Revolutionary War patriot or civilian, you can report it to the SAR by e-mailing Seth White at bossgobbler45750@yahoo-dot-com.

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