Total Recall?

Davis Recall
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After months of discussion and weeks of campaigning, California residents are going to the polls in the state's first election to recall the governor.

That vote has people wondering whether a recall could be tried elsewhere including West Virginia and Ohio.

No matter whether Gov. Gray Davis manages to escape the recall, or who becomes his successor, this election has drawn a lot of interest from California voters. And it isn't just unprecedented in California. West Virginia is one of several states where voters currently cannot recall statewide officials.

Statewide recall elections also cannot be held in Ohio, although municipalities can choose to hold them.

In Cleveland 25 years ago, voters decided not to recall then-mayor Dennis Kucinich. Then, there's the issue of the ballots. For the recall election, some California counties will still have to rely on punch-card ballots. Wood County Clerk Jamie Six, who used to use punch cards for election ballots, says they've been unfairly blamed for the controversy in Florida's 2000 presidential election count.

Jamie Six, said, "even in Florida, the tabulation wasn't the issue. It was the actual instruments where you punch through."

When you punch that through, if the rubber strip underneath is worn out, it allows just three of the four sides to be torn, and doesn't grab that chad to remove it.