Random Vandalism

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Several cars along Loomis Ridge road looked like this Thursday morning. And it wasn't just smashed windows residents woke up to. Some also found their mailboxes damaged or destroyed as well.

"If there's any mail missing from the mailboxes, we would be looking at federal charges," explains Jim Asbury of Wood County Sheriff's Department.

The reports deputies took came from late night and early morning. But a truck driver believes the broken window his rig suffered at mid-afternoon, may have been the work of the same vandals.

"It's kind of ridiculous to mess with a man's living, such as driving a semi. It's just uncalled for," explains truck driver James Lowery.

And at about 7 a.m., firefighters were called out to put out a fire which is believed to be intentionally set, in a pile of hay in the Murphytown Road area.

"We do have a suspect we're trying to track down. We'll speak with him and try to get these cleared up," says Asbury.

Deputies don't yet know the dollar loss from the vandalism, but, for some, the loss may be more than just financial.

"I was ready to go out this evening until this happened. Now, I'll have to call this in, and I may lose my job," adds Lowery.