Marietta Serves as Riverfront Example

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While Parkersburg is working to enhance its riverfront, the riverfront in Marietta continues to help the downtown area thrive.

With a lot of talk about the Riverfront Project in Parkersburg, the riverfront in Marietta is serving as an example of how it can benefit the city.

Phillip Clough lives outside of Marietta and likes spending time with his grandkids down by the river. Whether they're fishing, or just looking to have some good family fun.

"We go to the music on the levee. It's a nice little riverfront town. We really enjoy it," Clough said.

"It's just a lovely town, and it's just a beautiful view of the river here," Donetta Reese from California said.

Reese is visiting family in Lancaster, but can't resist getting a glimpse of the Ohio River from Marietta.

"It's a little bit out of my way, but it certainly is worth it," Reese said.

The riverfront attracts tourists and residents year-round, but it especially benefits the city when it brings in events like this coming weekend's Riverfront Roar.

The Levee on the Cafe's head chef Martha Carter knows the crowds this weekend will be on fire.

"It's gonna be, I couldn't say a mad-house, but it's gonna be very very busy. Everybody wants to sit on the cafe to watch the boats. The restaurant will be full, and people will just be walkin' up and down the streets," Carter said.

And busy streets means busy stores, and a boost in downtown business.

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