Special Grand Jury Indictments

A special Wood County grand jury met Thursday and returned indictments against seven individuals.

Among the indictments is John Coe, the Director of Attendance for Wood County Schools.

Coe was suspended with pay last month after he was arrested and charged with his third DUI.

He was indicted on four charges including fleeing while under the influence, driving while under the influence of alcohol third offense and driving while under the combined influence of alcohol and any controlled substance or other drug third offense.

Also indicted is Dennis Burke, he's facing ten counts of possessing material depicting a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

50 year old Burke was arrested in August on 2008 after an interview with an alleged juvenile victim.

Richard Wix of Blare was also indicted on two counts.

One for sexual abuse in the first degree and sexual assault in the first degree.

Troy Keller was indicted on two counts.

One count of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and Sexual Abuse by a Custodian.

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